Why did presidents die in countries that refused vaccination?

Why did presidents die in countries that refused vaccination?

By July 2021, only 5 countries in the world have not accepted the idea of ​​mass vaccination against coronavirus. These are Burundi, Haiti, North Korea, Tanzania and Eritrea.

By a strange coincidence, in three countries (Burundi, Haiti, Tanzania), for one reason or another, their leaders died. At the same time, for the current day in Haiti and Tanzania, a decision has been made to start vaccination of the population.


President: Jovenelle Moise. Killed on the night of July 7 at his own residence by a group of unknown persons. Most of them have already been detained, but there is no clear picture of their motives and the ordering party of the murder.

Vaccination situation: On July 15, the first batch of vaccine arrived in the country.

In April, Haitian authorities abandoned the AstraZeneca vaccine, citing side effects. According to the Haitian authorities, the population of the country “would not accept” her.

Formally, the authorities asked to replace the manufacturer of the vaccine, but the question, as they say, is hanging in the air. No new arrangements for the supply of vaccines were known.

However, on July 15, after the president’s death, the media reported that 500,000 doses of the vaccine had arrived in Haiti. They were donated by the United States as part of the COVAX mechanism, a global mechanism for the balanced distribution of coronavirus vaccines around the world. Moreover, what kind of vaccine came has not yet been reported.


President: John Magufuli. He died on March 17. According to the official version, due to heart disease. However, opposition politicians spread a rumor that the president died of the coronavirus.

Vaccination situation: On July 14, it became known that the first batch of vaccines would arrive in Tanzania.

Magufuli spoke out against social distancing and wearing masks, did not introduce quarantine in the country and questioned the effectiveness of vaccines. Samia Suluhu Hassan, who took over as President, has instructed the Ministry of Health to develop a plan for the procurement of vaccines against COVID-19.

On July 14, the country’s health minister announced that Tanzania will receive 300,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine through the COVAX program.


President: Pierre Nkurunziza. He died suddenly on June 8, 2020 as a result of cardiac arrest. It has been suggested that he could have contracted the coronavirus.

Vaccination situation: not started.

Nkurunzizu was criticized for the lack of measures to combat the coronavirus.

He did not introduce quarantine and did not plan to vaccinate.

Shortly before the death of Nkurunziza, elections were held in the country, which was won by Nkurunziza’s successor, Evarist Ndayishimiye. Officially, he was supposed to take office in August 2020. Initially, Ndayishime showed his willingness to fight the coronavirus.

He called the virus “the nation’s worst enemy” and closed borders in January 2021, stating that anyone who brings the coronavirus to Burundi would be considered “bringing a weapon to kill Burundians.” Later, the Minister of Health said that the country did not need vaccines.

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