The intimidation against Niki Minaj continues

The intimidation against Niki Minaj continues

Niki Minaj spoke about her desire to be fully informed before taking the hasty Covid-19 vaccine. She now faces a constant stream of backlash from the establishment, including Big Tech, who blocked her Twitter account for several hours.
The White House even offered to call her to “teach” what to say and think under their tyrannical regime, but she refused as a result.

The censorship of free-minded people who question any part of the approved narrative is nothing new, and now, thanks to the Minaj platform with millions of followers (over 150 million on Instagram alone), more and more people are aware of what is happening.

Naturally, the awakened warriors in the left-wing media mafia overdid it in order to suppress this especially serious problem for them.

After Minaj mentioned that her cousin’s adverse reaction to the vaccine was instrumental in her hesitation about the vaccine, The Guardian sent a message to a family member in Trinidad and Tobago and threatened to try to interview.

Minaj posted screenshots of direct messages between the reporter and her family member on Instagram and explained that her family was forced to “go into hiding” because she opposed “science.”

“They make my family go into hiding. This is what a true statement looks like. This is how millions of poor people are treated by people you think are “good guys.” It’s shameless. “

“Threating my family in Trinidad bodes badly.”

Guardian journalist Charlene Rampersad contacted Minaj’s cousin, whom she calls “Mr. Rampersad.” In a private chat on WhatsApp, she explained that CNN is also in the country and is “looking for” him.

The reporter then shamelessly tries to state that the person’s identity and the place of residence of those close to him will be safe if he completes an interview with The Guardian.

Cousin Minaj never responded to the intimidation.

From posts posted by Minaj on her Instagram:

“My name is Charlene Rampersad and I’m a Guardian Media reporter.
I was hoping to talk to you about the article. Is it possible? I also hope to speak with your friend.
I know that you hesitate to speak to us.
But I just inform you that CNN is in the country, looking for you and when they find you, they will not hesitate to tell you where you live or where your girlfriend lives, everything and about everyone connected with you.
If you speak to me, we will not disclose these details.
So what do you say?”