Requirement of a health certificate when entering a cemetery

Requirement of a health certificate when entering a cemetery

At the end of August, the popular holiday of the Apple Savior gathered more than two thousand people in Obinitsa, Võru County, many of whom were surprised by the organizers’ request to provide evidence of vaccination against coronavirus, past illness or testing before visiting a cemetery or church.

At the same time, those who wish were given the opportunity to undergo express testing on the spot, writes Postimees.

Many who did not have the certificates required by the organizers, or who did not want to pay 10 euros for a rapid test, had to abandon the original plan and turn around.

Outbursts of indignation were not long in coming: opinions were actively expressed in various social networks, requests were also sent to one of the organizers of the event, the Setomaa rural municipality government.

The restrictions didn’t work

Võrumaa resident Ene Künnapuu, who visited the graves of her loved ones in Obinitsa that day, said that her experience was unpleasant and she would not want to see or experience anything like this again. “I myself am vaccinated, and there were no problems, but my guests who came from Tallinn and Pärnu had them. It was somehow resolved, ”she said.

Künnapuu was amazed: at that time no relevant law or order had yet been issued, however, it was decided to simply fence the cemetery and establish testing points. “At the same time, people were not disturbed by the fact that they could not go through the gate, because many went through the forest or something else. That is, the visit to the cemetery has not been canceled, ”she said.

“I can’t guess who organized it, but in any case it was a very ugly story. Such an unpleasant feeling. Nothing can be fixed, but I hope this does not happen again. It seems to me that in our parish there are good people and smart workers, and I do not understand what kind of fly bit them. “

According to Ene Künnapuu, a day later, the City Days were held in Võru, which were also attended by thousands of people, but no special measures were taken to disperse the masses.

Head of the parish: some understand, others sow discord

Raul Kudre, an elder in the Setomaa parish, which has a population of 3.5 thousand, said the story was not a stupid coincidence, but rather a confrontation: some understand the essence of the matter, others at the same time oppose and incite a quarrel.

According to him, the municipal authorities and representatives of the church and parish discussed in advance how to organize the event. Consultations were also held with the Department of Health. “In the end, it was clear that there was practically no other choice – either we cancel or we are holding a controlled event,” says Kudre.

He added, based on past experience, that almost everyone who visits the Apple Savior cemetery usually goes to church to attend the service and light candles in memory of loved ones. “The parish also regulated the entrance to the church, and besides, everyone in the church wore masks,” said the head of the parish.