Lithuania imposes tough restrictions on people without a covid passport

Lithuania imposes tough restrictions on people without a covid passport

Since September 13, Lithuania has introduced severe restrictions for people who do not have the so-called “passport of opportunity”.

“Passport of Opportunity” can be obtained by anyone who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, has been ill or received a negative test result.

The new restrictions do not apply to people with a “passport of opportunity”, but they are still asked to take precautions, for example, disinfect their hands, keep their distance, wear masks.

People without this document will not be able to get to shops with non-essential goods, to shopping centers, to markets, if their area exceeds 1,500 square meters, to cafes and restaurants inside.

Also, they will not be able to use the services of beauty salons, go to sports clubs, to events with the participation of more than 500 people.

At the same time, without a “passport of opportunity”, you can go to grocery stores and grocery markets, to stores with goods for animals, to pharmacies, optical stores, to orthopedic salons, to shops selling plants, seeds, fertilizers – but only to those , which are not located in shopping centers, or which have a separate entrance, and their area is not more than 1500 square meters.

In addition, without a covid passport, you can order food to go, get services in bars and cafes on summer terraces, use the services of gas stations, small repair shops, get services from a funeral service bureau, visit libraries, museums, exhibitions, receive social, legal and necessary services. in state institutions and municipal institutions, to visit patients in serious condition, pregnant women and minors, to receive social services.