A social explosion is brewing in the US

A social explosion is brewing in the US

US President Joe Biden approved a plan to increase vaccination coverage of the population. From now on, it is mandatory for employees of large companies and enterprises of the country with a staff of over 100 people.

They must get vaccinated against coronavirus, or weekly provide a negative PCR test result. This will affect approximately 80 million Americans. A similar regulation applies to health care workers, as well as employees of the federal government and its contractors.

As reported today by foxnews com, Republican members of Congress and state governors were shocked by the news announced Thursday – President Joe Biden will force employers with more than 100 workers to demand coronavirus vaccinations or check employees for the virus weekly.

This mandate, which is expected to affect up to 100 million Americans in a variety of industries, including healthcare, directly affects the private sector. In response, the governors promised to block the innovation, calling it unconstitutional. And then FOX cites tweets with statements by several dozen leading American politicians:

“It’s totally unconstitutional,” Rep. Thomas Massey, R-Ky, tweeted, attaching a link to the news.

“Mandates are not the answer,” Rep. Neil Dunn of Florida said in response. Getting the vaccine should be up to you and your doctor, not the federal government.

“All 9 million federal employees must consult with their physician and make a personal, informed decision about vaccinations,” wrote Rep. Lauren Bobert, R-Colo. “Instead, Sleepy Joe says, take it, otherwise … You are not in charge of coercion, Biden, as a leader you have failed in every way.”

“It’s unconstitutional,” said Rep. Robert Aderholt, Alabama. “The US Constitution does not give the president such powers. Nowhere in Article 2 of the Constitution can you find anything that even remotely gives the president such powers. “

Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducy promised to “fight back” Biden: “This is exactly the major coup d’etat that we tried so hard to prevent in Arizona. Now the Biden and Harris administrations are crushing private business and individual freedoms in an unprecedented and dangerous manner.

This dictatorial approach is wrong, anti-American, and will do far more harm than good. How many workers will be laid off? How many children will not attend school? How many businesses will be fined? The vaccine should be the choice. We must and will resist, ”wrote Dewey.

FOX cites comments selectively, excluding the harshest, but in fact there are much more of them and the Republicans seemed to explode – people are now collecting their tweets into collections. However, politicians speak a lot, with an eye on political correctness, therefore, more informative statements are now being made by ordinary Americans, who directly and clearly write: things in the United States are heading for civil war:

“You cannot deprive 80 million people of their livelihoods, deny them access to basic necessities (which is what will happen next – look at France, Canada and Australia) and expel them from society without any reaction. 80 million people will lose everything. “

“Desperate people will do desperate things. By the spring we will be in the midst of a civil war. I hope I can wait it out in my bunker.”

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