Strange Pentagon Reaction to Vaccine Trailer Accident

Strange Pentagon Reaction to Vaccine Trailer Accident

The trailer crash on Interstate 79 in West Virginia last Friday triggered a typical reaction: police, fire department, ambulance, but then people in … biohazard suits arrived.

And then real miracles began, because the accident reacted U.S. Department of Defense. Moreover, the highway remained CLOSED for 21 hours, although the truck did not block it.

Then things got weirder.

After the Department of Defense took over, they set up tents, cordoned off the area for all spectators, and even prevented aerial drone from filming what was happening on the scene.

As it turned out later, the overturned trailer contained Moderna COVID vaccines.

Questions to the local sheriff’s office about the accident went unanswered, and the media said, “Call the governor’s office.” But to the questions in the governor’s office, they answered us: “We do not know anything about this.”

So why, then, did the US Department of Defense react to the truck accident, hijack the scene, block everyone from seeing anything, and prevent drones from even observing the scene? Our civil servants do not answer us …

Hal Turner’s comment:

This truck accident occurred on Interstate 79 at the 144 mile mark on Friday, August 27, 2021, in Monongalia County, West Virginia, near Morgantown.

The County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement:

“A trailer truck carrying the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine to be sent as relief to another country, lost control on an interstate highway, hit a concrete barrier, fell about 30 feet onto an embankment, and rolled over on its side,” the Monongalia County Sheriff said. …

This is stated in the message of the office. “The driver was trapped inside the car and needed to be released. He was taken to and treated for minor injuries at Ruby Memorial Hospital. “

The statement went on to say that a team of people in protective suits were brought in to clean up “oil and antifreeze” for 21 hours.

“The West Virginia Preparedness Center helped save some of the vaccines, but it is not known how many were destroyed in the accident,” WV Metro News reported.

Trucks are constantly involved in accidents on interstate highways. It’s not a secret. But why is there such a fuss now? Why such secrecy?

Could this be the answer from the US Department of Defense, because in fact these so-called “vaccines” are biological weapons?

That would be the only rational explanation for DoD’s involvement. It would also explain all the secrecy. Think about this for a moment.

What will be the implications of the spread of COVID vaccines in the wild? What can they do with plants or wildlife? What can they do with the water and the fish that live there?

Was all the efforts of the Ministry of Defense aimed at finding and retrieving absolutely EVERY bottle? Why is this so important, because this is just a vaccine?

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