A study shows that graphene oxide is the cause of covid disease

A study shows that graphene oxide is the cause of covid disease

Why does “covid” attack people over 30 and hardly touch children?

Spanish biostatist Ricardo Delgado and his team of scientists concluded that the symptoms of “COVID-19” are in fact symptoms of graphene oxide poisoning and that graphene oxide nanoparticles, found in Pfizer vials by Dr. Pablo Campra (Madrid) of the University of Almeria are also found wearing surgical masks, confirming the suspicions of British physician Mark Plaine, who last April suggested a special contamination of medical masks from China.

Surgical masks manufactured by Shandong Shenquan New Materials were taken off the market in Spain by Sanidad’s national health authority last April due to the discovery of graphene oxide particles on the masks.

In addition, other sources of information have now been confirmed, emerging back in March last year, that graphene oxide was detected in test swabs used in both PCR and antigen tests, as well as in all flu shots after 2019.

In other words, graphene oxide affects everyone who wears Chinese surgical masks and is tested for COVID, not just vaccinated people!

The report from these scientists from Spain also mentions that NAC (N-acetylcysteine), an antioxidant dietary supplement that is a precursor to glutathione, counteracts the toxic effects of graphene oxide and has also been shown in scientific studies to heal covid.

It turns out that glutathione is very high in children. That is why “COVID” has almost no effect on the child population! Glutathione levels drop significantly after age 65, which is why “COVID – graphene oxide damage” is more common in older people.

Interestingly enough, Amazon has stopped selling NAC on its internet site! This has been noticed by many buyers of this dietary supplement.

The masks that are currently being used and sold contain graphene oxide. Not only those that were seized as indicated in the media, but many others, in addition to this, the test smears used in both PCR and antigen tests also contain graphene oxide nanoparticles.

All major vaccines against COVID, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, Sinovac, Janssen, Johnson & Johnson, and others also contain a significant dose of graphene oxide nanoparticles.

These results are the result of analysis by electron microscopy and spectroscopy, as well as other methods used in various public universities in Spain.

The flu vaccine contains graphene oxide nanoparticles, and new intranasal COVID vaccines soon to be released are likely to contain graphene.

Graphene oxide causes blood clots and clotting. Graphene oxide alters the immune system by disrupting the oxidative balance of the body’s glutathione stores.

Graphene oxide accumulates in the lungs and causes bilateral pneumonia due to its uniform distribution in the pulmonary alveolar tract.

All about the study here.

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