Fully vaccinated Israeli tourists became infected in Iceland

Fully vaccinated Israeli tourists became infected in Iceland

30 vaccinated Israelis went on vacation to Iceland and contracted covid; one near death, for two urgently sent a plane with doctors

Yesterday a plane with special medical equipment flew to Iceland to return Israeli tourists to their homeland.

According to the Ynet portal, the plane was leased by the Harel insurance company, whose policies were purchased by 30 Israeli tourists. The policies included coronavirus coverage.

All Israelis were vaccinated prior to the flight. One of the tourists is in critical condition, one is in serious condition, the condition of another traveler is defined as moderate.

The decision to send the plane was made by the management of the insurance company after consultation with Israeli and Icelandic doctors.

A patient in a serious condition and a patient in a moderate condition will be evacuated by plane.

Patients on the flight will be accompanied by three doctors and an orderly. The aircraft is equipped with mechanical ventilation equipment and defibrillators.

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