Lukashenko has set a new record for long speech

Lukashenko has set a new record for long speech

On August 9, the Palace of Independence in Minsk hosted a “Big Conversation” with President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. The head of state met with journalists, representatives of the public, expert and media community in the format of an open conversation. The conversation turned out to be really big – it lasted 8 hours and 15 minutes (Lukashenka broke his own record, the last such meeting lasted 7 hours and 25 minutes). Collected the main statements of the president.

About dictatorship

In order to dictate in the world, and I am a completely sane person, you need to have the appropriate resource. We do not have this resource. Therefore, I have never dictated anything to anyone and am not going to dictate.

On the successes of the country’s economy

The basis for the success of the country’s economy this year was laid in April-May 2020. We have not closed a single border. We have then and now full transit, full traffic from West to East.

About digital diktat

In the modern world, the so-called democracy has long been replaced by digital diktat. And outright lies, hype, hate, bullying, trolling, bots and other communicative innovations rule in this world.

About the next elections

Let’s take a more serious approach to the next elections. The opposition will not receive more than 10%.

About the 2020 elections

Let me just remind you: we then carried out preparations for the elections and the elections themselves in the conditions of total transparency and democratization of political life. The only difference was that some were preparing for fair and fair elections, while others, calling for a coup d’etat, were calling to “hammer power”.

About why he did not conduct an agitation campaign

I did not withdraw myself. I didn’t have time for this. I needed to protect people, save them.

About Crimea

When the last oligarch in Russia recognizes Crimea and starts supplying products there, the matter will not rust with me. Although I am connected by a lot, the “Budapest Declaration”. But I will step over this too. My hands are untied. And Crimea, and everything else.

About Putin

You saw my position on Ukraine. I was spinning around Vladimir Vladimirovich like a whirligig, around Poroshenko, Zelensky. As with my son I talked to him: “Volodya, we need this, we need that.” He perceived all this, understood. What happened to him?

About fires and floods in Europe

What is happening now in Europe is God’s punishment. And this is just the beginning.

About British sanctions

Who will impose economic sanctions, UK? The Lord is with you! Yes, you choke on these sanctions in the UK! We have not known this Great Britain for a thousand years and do not want to know! You are American henchmen.

On the indifference of the United States towards Belarus

The USA is far away and you do not care what is happening in Belarus. You don’t even know where it is located. And after 10 minutes you forgot who you were fed cookies. You just use the monopoly right to print and foreign currency and control its circulation.

Integration with Russia

When I hear all these hints “to the composition of Russia and so on,” I think with Putin’s head. Does Russia need another headache? No! It is the president of Russia who understands it this way. The world has changed. To integrate, to develop industrial integration, you do not need to include someone in the composition.
About Belarusians who go to work in Poland

Well, who in Poland will now, excuse me, stand and pick these strawberries with crustaceans? Girls from Ukraine. And I don’t want Belarusians to go there. I’d rather sow strawberries here myself, and let them trample here.

About Protasevich’s “order”

Today I am not happy that he ended up in Belarus. It would be easier for me if he was in Poland or Lithuania. Because they “ordered” it. And I need to protect him now, because God forbid it happens to Protasevich, as with Shishov, there is nothing to cover. Crime on the territory of Belarus. I would not kill Lukashenko Protasevich, he is here. I am responsible for him.

About protest actions

In Belarus, people came to “peaceful rallies” with sharpeners and homemade explosives. During the two days of protests, 11 security officials were seriously injured.

About torture

Did they torture two thousand people on Akrestsin Street? It’s fake! The fake you invented! They got bruises on the street in clashes with the security forces.

About Timanovskaya and the instructions of “friends from Poland”

She herself would not have done it if she had not been manipulated. And she was told, literally: “Run to the airport, run to the Japanese policeman and tell her that the two who brought you in are KGB officers.” Not a single person from the special services was in Japan. We do not practice this.

About the death of Shishov

Who is he for me and for Belarus in general? Well, I, the President, might not know him, but I am sure that only three or four people in this room knew him. He was just nobody to us. What madman in Belarus will take and hang him there? Well, why? Elementary: they hanged one, tomorrow there will be the same other. Why is all this going on in Ukraine?

On whether there will be sanctions from Belarus to Ukraine

If we wanted to bring you to your knees, President Putin and I would have done this within 24 hours and your power, together with Zelensky, would have simply been carried out on a pitchfork.

About the monument to Stalin

We were not the ones who fought there, won back and

this day was appointed. Joseph Stalin, thank him very much. We need to put up a monument to him somewhere for this. I solved this problem very clearly even before the war. Thanks to him.

About resignation

No need to guess when Lukashenka will leave and so on. Very soon. This does not mean that I have grabbed and with blue fingers I will hold on to this chair. No. People will come after me, even very soon. They are all in plain sight of who can be president. We have 15-20 people who can rise to the presidency.

About teachers

Fidel was a great teacher for me, like Gaddafi and Hussein.


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