Massive fires around the world

Massive fires around the world

After a series of flooding around the world, a large number of forex reports around the world.

Fire in California: city of Colfax
Evacuation orders have been issued for the city of Colfax, California.
The city has been given Evacuation orders as the River Fire threatens thousands of homes and structures in the area.

Dixie California – Fires have destroyed a large portion of the area with some parts being In a total loss.

Greece: Wildfires in Greece are approaching the archeological site and the International Olympic Academy in Ancient Olympia, the Olympics birthplace.

Greenville California: The fire almost completely destroyed the entire city of Greenville, California (population 1,129)

Fire in Turkey in the area of Antalya.

The wildfires in Turkey just spread into a Thermal power plant in Milas, fire crews evacuated.

Sirens & explosions after flames of fire in Turkey enters Thermal power plant in Milas.

Fire in Russia’s Yakutia.

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