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Forex Signals for Asian session

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330 CNY for Crude Oil

330 CNY for Crude Oil. Venezuela is one of the key exporter of Crude Oil. Venezuela is not the only one who will sell Crude Oil for Yuan. There are several major Crude Oil exporter like Russia, Iran and others who will follow Venezuela. expects in 2018 over 50% the Crude Oil worldwide to trade in Yuan!

BoC changed the interest rates at 1.00% today

Bank of Canada changed the key interest rates with 25 bps up to 1.00%. It was surprise for the market. USD/CAD is trading after the news at 1.2197 while the trading the news before was 1.2412.

Crude Oil price depreciation is over

Crude Oil price depreciation is over. Yesterday was the last day with cheap oil for the current cycle. It is start a period when we can see the Crude Oil prices to back to $50 per barrel. We used the moment to send the following signal: Buy Crude Oil @ 46.12 SL 45.76 TP 46.52. trading strategy is to buy again as the trend is already upward.

EURUSD trading strategy with best entry level this week

EURUSD this week start in downtrend but may end the downtrend in Tuesday or Wednesday. Then expects to see turn into uptrend. The best trading strategy this week is to open long position on Tuesday or Wednesday at levels close to 1.1710-1.1720. At the end of the week the target is at 1.1850. The most important event this week is set for Wednesday FOMC Minutes at 18:00 GMT. The rest key events this week are Retail Sales on Tuesday and Euro Zone GDP on Wednesday, CPI and ECB Monetary Policy Meeting Accounts on Thursday.

EURUSD upward movement may stop at least at 1.19 and above

The upward movement of EURUSD is so strong that the stop is expecting far above 1.19. The rumors that Fed will not hike interest rates this year or one 25 bps up to 1.50% as maximum is one of the factors to move the Euro from 1.11 to 1.16. The trading strategy this week is to keep long positions or to open long positions using any correction down. The target for this week is at 1.1750. But we recommend keeping the position with target at 1.19 and above. The main focus this week is Fed Interest rates decisions on Wednesday. It is not expecting change of interest rates.

EURUSD consolidate already 5-weeks at 1.12

EURUSD could not find a clear direction already 5-weeks. The process of consolidation continues at levels of 1.12. It is waiting for a key event that would move the market into new direction. The consolidation process may continue next week with slightly movements within the trading range of 1.1110 and 1.1290. The events that are important for the last week of June are U.S. Durable orders on Monday and GDP report on Thursday. trading strategy during the week is trading within the trading range. We will use the support and resistance levels to open long and short positions. If the trading breaks below the support level we are ready for short positions. The chances for short positions below the support level are lower than break above the resistance level.

EURUSD is in consolidation till Friday Nonfarm payroll report

This week start with a holiday in United States - Memorial Day. But the focus on Monday is at 13:00 GMT ECB President Draghi's Speech. EURUSD trading in the last week is almost flat and in consolidation process of 1.1150-1.1260. The Euro lost the initiatives to gain against the dollar as the consolidation process may continue till Friday when is the one of the most important data from United States. At 8:30 AM Eastern Time on Friday expects the important Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment rate. The next key events this week are on Wednesday Fed's Beige Book and ISM Index. trading strategy this week is to trade into a consolidation line 1.11-1.13 and expect Friday's data for a new direction of EURUSD.

Macron closes to win French elections help to the euro

The Euro gains at the start of the new week after the news that Marine Le Pen won the second position at French vote but without chances to became the new French president. The French election is the factor that moves the forex market and the Euro will continue gains against the dollar till Friday end of trading. It is widely expecting Emmanuel Macron to win the elections in France. The trading strategy of this week is to open long EURUSD positions at technical corrections with target above 1.09. Also you can focus over the ECB Interest rates decisions on Thursday but it is not expecting changes of the current interest rates level.





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