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Bitcon is not so volatility after CBOE start

The first day of trading in Bitcoin in CBOE shows that the price is not so volatility. In the last couple of hours the price is stable and trading at about $16600. The price will continue going up according to but slowly with target $18500 till the end of the year.

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Trade in short positions ahead Nonfarm payrolls report

At the end of the business week are expecting positive news for U.S. Nonfarm Payrolls and Unemployment rate. According to the Unemployment rate may down to 4.0% while Nonfarm payrolls to release at levels between 200K and 240K. But first the focus is over EU GDP and ECB President Draghi's Speech on Thursday. The Dollar takes advantage over the Euro in the last 3 days and may continue with another 70-100 pips ahead the Friday's report. The trading strategy is to open short positions with target below 1.1750 while on Friday is possible new direction. As overall we do not expect big movements and trading within 1.1730-50 and 1.1890.

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Christmas Bonus for you. We give you a bonus time of 1-week for each 1-month registration. You can get the bonus for all our services. Register for 1-month and get 1-week extra time. Register for 3-months and get 3-months free time or 6-months with 6-weeks of bonus time and 12-months registration with 12-weeks (3-months) extra free time. December is our promo month!

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