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Crude Oil prices fallen faster from today

Crude Oil (New York) prices upward movement is over. It is time for correction down below $50. The technical analysis shows that the double top, signal for down movement at least to $50 from the current $51.30. The trading strategy is to open short positions. Also key factor for oil price is OPEC’s compliance rate with the oil production cut deal had fallen to 86 percent.

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Russia - Saudi Arabia meeting in Moscow to change Oil prices soon

The meeting in Moscow today is the event that will move the Crude Oil price into upward direction. The king of Saudi Arabia is in Moscow and one of the details who are focus in discussion refers to oil prices. The two countries Russia and Saudi Arabia are absolute leader of oil producer and they may reach to agreement to push the oil prices into upward direction. expects in long-term target the prices of Crude Oil (New York) to rise to $55 from $50.60 now.

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Fundamental factors support Crude Oil price growth

The fundamental analysis supports the rise of Crude Oil price in the last few days. Although that the technical analysis shows the end of the uptrend of Crude Oil. The fundamental is very strong during the last few days. Russia working hard to push the prices of Oil up while at the same time there are other factors to support the growth of the price. The referendum in one of the important area with huge oil wells in North Iraq and the positive vote to create autonomy of Kurdistan. expects to see the price of Crude Oil (New York) to continue with upward movement with target above $53.40 in the next couple of days.

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